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This site exists to provide students with information about classics courses being offered during the summer months. Institutions wishing to add information about their programs should submit it via the form accessible from the sidebar. Old information is not removed from the site until it is updated, so check the date headers to see how current listings are. (This site was created under the auspices of the Classical Studies Department of Wesleyan University, with help from the J.M.W. Keck Foundation, by Jim O'Hara and Debra Hamel. It is designed and maintained by Debra Hamel.)

The most recent entries are listed below. See the dropdown menus in the sidebar to navigate by school name or subjects offered.

Boston University

Classical Civilization: World of Rome
Beginning Latin 1
Beginning Latin 2
Intermediate Latin 1
 Intermediate Latin 2
Greek and Roman Mythology

The Classical Studies Department at Boston University is offering a series of Latin language courses as part of an effort to promote the study of Latin by allowing students to reach higher levels of language courses earlier in their careers. To round out the curriculum, courses on Roman civilization and Greek and Roman mythology will also be offered.

For more information, including course descriptions and times, information on tuition rates and enrollment, please visit


University College Cork


June 22nd – August 13th 2015

For the 16th year running, the Department of Classics at UCC offers an intensive 8-week summer school for beginners with parallel courses in Latin and Ancient Greek. The courses are primarily aimed at postgraduate students in diverse disciplines who need to acquire a knowledge of either of the languages for further study and research, and at teachers whose schools would like to reintroduce Latin and Greek into their curriculum. Undergraduate students are more than welcome to apply as well.
The basic grammar will be covered in the first 6 weeks and a further 2 weeks will be spent reading original texts.

For further information and an application form see our website:

or contact the Director of the Summer School:
Ms.Vicky Janssens
Department of Classics, University College Cork, Ireland
+353 21 4903618/2359
fax: +353 21 4903277


Addisco Education

Introduction to (spoken) Latin 1
Introduction to (spoken) Latin 2
Modern Teaching Techniques for Latin Teachers
Advanced Latin Speaking & Writing

During the 3-week Summer Program of Addisco Education ( four 6-day full immersion courses are offered on various levels.

Addisco Education (since 2005) is a school founded by Casper Porton, who has ten years of experience tutoring and teaching students and adults in the ancient languages. Porton wishes to open the road to antiquity for everyone by teaching Latin and Greek in an interactive way that is easily understandable for anyone.


Introduction to Latin 1

There are no age or knowledge stipulations: anyone is welcome to join. In the first week the focus will be on learning the basis of Latin. The lessons in the morning will focus on the acquisition of new words and grammar, all in a fun, interactive way. The afternoon program is varied: a walk through the forest, games, songs, etc. During the course the only language spoken will be Latin.

- Teachers of this course: Casper Porton (very experienced in the field of Latin didactics) and Roberto Carfagni (one of the best Latin speakers in the world).
- Book: Lingua Latina per se illustrata - Familia Romana
- Course language: Latin
- Date: 4 – 9 August 2014 (9.00 – 16.00, lunch included)

Introduction to Latin 2

The second week of the Latin summer school is for those who have a little experience with listening to and speaking Latin. Starting from chapter 9 of Familia Romana (from the series Lingua Latina per se illustrata) teachers Roberto Carfagni and Casper Porton will broaden and deepen the student’s understanding of the language. This week is especially interesting for teachers who wish to expand their knowledge of Latin to innovate their teaching.

- Course language: Latin
- Date: 11 – 16 August 2014 (9.00 – 16.00, lunch included)

Modern Teaching Techniques for Latin Teachers

In the afternoons of the second week of the Latin Summer Program there’s a special course for Latin teachers. During this course Casper Porton shares his knowledge and experience in using different methods and techniques (normally only used with modern languages) for Latin. Teachers will have the opportunity to put all the theory into practise directly and there’s plenty of time to develop own teaching materials.

- Course languages: Latin & Dutch
- Date: 11 – 16 August 2014 (14.00 – 17.00)

Advanced Latin Speaking & Writing

The Advanced Latin Speaking and Writing Course is for those who have a reasonable understanding of all Latin grammar and at least some experience in speaking Latin. This course will focus on speaking and writing Latin through reading and paraphrasing texts of famous authors.

- Course Language: Latin
- Date: 18 – 23 August 2014 (9.00 – 16.00, lunch included)

For participants from far off there are rooms available in the hotel where the lessons will take place.

For more information and registration:


Calder Classics

Calder Classics Florence Summer Program
Calder Classics Rome Summer Program
Calder Classics Pompeii Summer Program
Introduction to Ancient Greek
Intermediate / Advanced Greek Reading

Calder Classics ( is an educational boutique that offers customized learning experiences. We are founded on the premise that modern life is enhanced through an interaction with the achievements and legacy of the ancients.

On our 2-week Rome Summer Program, students entering grades 9-12 improve their Latin through daily translation/grammar and explore the city's ancient history. Join us as the Classics come alive July 20 - Aug 3, 2014! More information at:

On our 2-week Florence Summer Program, students entering grades 9-12 improve their Latin through daily translation/grammar and explore the city's art history. We will discuss the historical context and broader themes of the art as well as their connections to the texts we read. Session 1: July 1 - 16, 2014. Session 2: July 15 - 30, 2014. More information at:

On our 10-day Pompeii Summer Program, students entering grades 9-12 improve their Latin through daily translation/grammar and explore the ancient history and archaeology of the area. August 4 - 14, 2014. More information at:

Our Ancient Greek courses are designed for: high school Latin or Ancient Civilizations teachers;
graduate and undergraduate students in history, art history, ancient history, archaeology, anthropology, religious studies, Classics, or other related fields; former Greek or Latin students (all ages are welcome); and advanced high school Latin and/or Greek students (teacher recommendation required).

Our Introduction to Ancient Greek Course teaches the basic elements of ancient Greek forms and grammar. Students begin to read excerpts of ancient Greek prose and poetry during the five weeks. The program is held at a family home in Brooklyn, New York. A few bedrooms are available to students from out of town for an extra fee. Join us in a fun but rigorous environment June 16 - July 18, 2014! More information at:

Our Intermediate / Advanced Ancient Greek Reading Course is designed for students with a basic command of all Greek forms and some experience reading Greek texts. Through examining prose and poetry with Columbia Professor Collomia Charles, students will greatly improve their reading skills in five weeks. The program is held at a family home in Brooklyn, New York. A few bedrooms are available to students from out of town for an extra fee. Join us in a fun but rigorous environment June 16 - July 18, 2014! More information at:


Rebekah Junkermeier


Calder Classics
126 State Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

University of Bologna

Latin beginners
Latin intermediate
Greek beginners
Greek and Latin (any combination)

The Department of Classics and Italian studies ( of Bologna University offers an intensive three week Greek and Latin SummerSchool.

The school offers courses in Latin (beginners and intermediate) and in Greek (beginners) and the possibility of combining two courses (Latin & Greek) at a special rate.
The courses will be held in Bologna from 23rd June to 11th July 2014 and are open to students (undergraduate and post-graduate) and non-students alike. Participants must be aged 18 or over.

The teaching will be focused mainly on Greek and/or Latin language with additional classes on Classical literature; further classes will touch on moments of classical history and history of art, supplemented by visits to museums and archaeological sites (in Bologna and Rome).

All teaching and activities will be in English.

For further information and application forms please visit:



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