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The Ohio State University

Greek 5890

The Ohio State University's Department of Classics offers The Intensive Greek Workshop every other Summer Semester on the even year for 10 weeks (Mid-May through the end of July) for 12 credits. The  Workshop covers the equivalent material of elementary and intermediate ancient Greek courses (Greek 1101, 1102, 1103) and two ancient Greek reading courses at the 2000 level.

The Workshop meets daily from 9:00-12:00 and from 1:00-4:00, and covers all Greek Grammar needed to read Attic and Koine authors in the first five weeks; the second five weeks are spent reading Plato, Lysias and the New Testament as well as a selection of other authors based on student interest.

The Workshop requires a full-time commitment from both the teachers and the students. Typically there are two to four hours of homework every day, a quiz every morning and a three hour exam every Monday. During the first half of the term, the emphasis falls on the memorization of forms and on learning and applying the basic rules of Greek syntax and grammar. Mornings begin with a quiz and then review of the exercises from the previous evening; afternoon classes introduce new forms and basic grammatical concepts in a lecture. Online flashcards are available to assist in learning the Greek vocabulary in the textbook.  We are committed to helping students learn to read and use Greek in a very short time and will do what we can to make this possible.  It is not recommended that students hold down jobs or have other significant commitments during the workshop.

During the second half of the term, the class reads selections from major writers of the Attic and Koine dialects. Plato, Lysias and the New Testament are the assigned texts; we will try to meet the interests and needs of students in segments devoted to other selections (e.g. Homer, tragedy, etc).


Department of Classics
The Ohio University
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