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CUNY Latin/Greek Institute

Basic Latin
Basic Greek
Upper Level Latin

In Summer 2016 the Latin/Greek Institute will once again offer highly intensive ten-week Basic programs in Latin and Greek, which cover more than four semesters of work in a single summer (June 6-August 16, 2016).  The Institute will also offer a seven-week Upper Level program in Latin (June 6-July 26, 2016). All classes are team-taught, and faculty are available by phone around the clock to assist students.

The Institute is a collaborative effort of Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.  Classes meet all day, five days a week at the Graduate Center in midtown Manhattan.

The Upper Level Latin program offers qualified students the opportunity to read a substantial body of literature (200 or more lines per night) at a high level of grammatical precision. The first week is devoted to a systematic review of morphology and syntax; the remaining six weeks are spent in a close reading of selections of the following texts: Suetonius, Caligula; Tacitus, Annales 4-6, 14-16; Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, 1 and 5; Seneca, Thyestes (complete). The course carries 8 undergraduate credits at Brooklyn College.

The first half of Basic Latin and Basic Greek is devoted to intensive study of basic morphology and syntax through textbooks developed specifically for our programs: Moreland and Fleischer's Latin: An Intensive Course and Hansen and Quinn's Greek: An Intensive Course. The second half offers students an unparalleled opportunity to see the rewards of what they have just learned through extensive close reading, at an advanced level, of original texts: in Basic Latin, Cicero's First Catilinarian oration, Vergil's Aeneid Book 4, and selections from Sallust, Horace, Livy, Tacitus, and other authors; in Basic Greek, Plato's dialogue Ion, extensive selections from Euripides' Medea, and selections from a variety of authors including Homer, Solon, Sappho, Lysias, Thucydides, and Isocrates. The Basic courses carry 12 undergraduate credits but are also open to graduate students.

The more than two thousand graduates of the Institute have regularly gone directly into advanced undergraduate courses or even graduate courses.

Thanks to the generosity of graduates and friends of the Institute, scholarships are available to help cover the cost of tuition.  We are grateful for the support of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, through which we offer merit scholarships to graduate students in art history. Please see our website for information about financial aid.

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Katherine Lu Hsu