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Italian Institute for Classical Studies

Lingua Ecclesiae

The Italian Institute for Classical Studies, in collaboration with the prestigious Pontificium Institutum Altioris Latinitatis, is launching Lingua Ecclesiae: the first intensive summer course directed specifically toward Ecclesiastics, and conducted entirely in Latin.

Our students – priests, seminarians, consecrated persons and religious – coming from many Dioceses of the Catholic Church, will gather in Rome from September 3 through 29, 2018. They will be hosted in a religious facility, allowing them to make use of the Latin language as their only language of communication throughout the day for their entire month of stay.

Students will be able to follow courses on the Latin Language, Latinitas liturgica, and Ancient Christian Literature, and will be provided with daily assistance for personal study.
Upon completion of the course, they will have attained the competencies needed to read any text from the tradition of the Church in the original Latin.

Those who pass the final exam will be attributed 28 ECTS credits.

Living Latin in Amman 2018

The Italian Institute for Classical Studies has officially formalized a prestigious international collaboration with the University of Jordan.
Thanks to this collaboration, we are launching a project with extraordinary cultural significance and historical value: for the first time in centuries, Latin will once again be spoken in the Arabic world.

This coming June 30 through August 2, 2018, our Institute will hold an intensive Latin summer course in the city of Amman, at the campus of the University of Jordan. As is characteristic of our teaching style, the course will be conducted exclusively in the Latin language, using inductive-contextual methods.

Instructors, researchers, and students from all across the Arabic world will gather in the capital of Jordan and, after only five weeks of study, even those starting at the most basic level will have acquired the competency necessary to have direct access to fluently read texts of Latin literature in the original language.



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