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Calder Classics

FLORENCE: Reading Latin + Art History
ROME: Reading Latin + Ancient History
FLORENCE: Introduction to Ancient Greek + Art History
FLORENCE: Creative Writing Workshop
SPRING BREAK IN ROME: Reading Latin + Ancient History
TUSCANY: Journeys to the Underworld - Aeneid 6 and Odyssey 11

Calder Classics offers high school and college students interdisciplinary Greek and Latin language programs abroad in the spring and summer. Through an interaction with local art and architecture, all our students deepen their understanding of ancient and modern literature and culture, and develop a lifelong appreciation of the Classics. Our approach to teaching includes an investigation into how and why the Classics have endured and woven themselves so deeply into our modern lives. We explore the original stories from multiple angles, along with later adaptations and interpretations, some direct and others divergent. During the last 8 years students have joined us from over 95 public and private high schools in North America, South America and Asia and have gone on to attend 57 top colleges and universities. Our 2020 calendar includes the repeat of two highly successful new programs from 2019: SPRING BREAK in Rome, and a new upper level course for Greek and Lat!

In students in TUSCANY. We also offer the following annual Summer Programs: Advanced Reading Latin courses in Florence and Rome as well as a Classics-inspired Creative Writing Workshop and Introduction to Ancient Greek in Florence.


Cindy Calder


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