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Dan Slușanschi School for Classical and Oriental Languages

Latin: Beginners (Language Course)
Latin: Lower Intermediate (Language Course)
Latin: Upper Intermediate (Language Course)
Greek: Beginners (Language Course)
Greek: Lower Intermediate (Language Course)
Greek: Intermediate (Language Course)
Greek: Upper Intermediate (Language Course)
Greek: Advanced (Language Course)
Coptic: Beginners (Language Course)
Other Languages: Biblical Hebrew & Old Slavonic (Two separate Intermediate Courses)

The Dan Slușanschi Language School for Classical & Oriental Languages is offering online language courses for Latin, Ancient Greek, Coptic, Biblical Hebrew and Old Slavonic.  Our courses run in the months of June and July between two weeks to a month, five days a week, for a total of 40 classroom hours.  Latin Beginners and Lower Intermediate courses will be instructed through Latin, while Latin Upper Intermediate, Ancient Greek (five levels from Beginners to Advanced), Coptic, Biblical Hebrew and Old Slavonic are all instructed through the English language.  Each course has clearly stated objectives for its students and is structured to assist students to prepare for the next proficiency level.  For more information on the specifics of each course, visit our website.


Mr. Dan Koski
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+40 26 922 3522

Institute for Ecumenical Research
Str. Mitropoliei 30
550179 Sibiu