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University of Notre Dame

Beginning Latin I
Beginning Latin II
Intermediate Latin
Augustine: Life & Sermons
Medieval Latin
Beginning Greek I
Beginning Greek II
Intermediate Greek

The University of Notre Dame offers a variety of Greek and Latin language courses for motivated undergraduates and graduate students. Courses range from 4-8 weeks, covering one to two semesters of material, and may be taken concurrently with courses in history or theology. Whether learning Greek or Latin for the first time or solidifying their command of grammar and syntax, students will emerge with a stronger grasp of the languages necessary to understanding Greek and Roman, Judaic, Early Christian, Medieval and Byzantine civilizations.

Courses include: Beginning Greek I and II, Intermediate Greek (Summer 2021) or Patristic and Byzantine Greek (Summer 2022) Beginning Latin I and II, Intermediate Latin, Medieval Latin, and Augustine: Life & Sermons.

Tuition for the program is approximately $1225 per credit hour for undergraduates and $1020 per credit hour for graduate students. Financial aid may be available.


For information about the courses offered, visit our website: For information about Notre Dame's summer session, visit

Luca Grillo, Chair

Sherry Reichold, Administrative Asst.
Department of Classics
249 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556