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Hunter College

Greek and Latin Roots of English
Roman Civilization
Intensive Beginning Latin
Elegiac Poets

The Classical Studies program at Hunter College of the City University of New York announces the following course to be offered this summer:

Intensive Beginning Latin (LAT 107) (05/28- 08/15/2024) Online, Synchronous MoTuWeTh 10:00AM - 12:00PM – A course offering the two semester of beginning Latin in one summer session. An ideal course for students who wish to begin intermediate Latin in the Fall.

Elegiac Poets (LAT 311 / LAT 70851) (07/15 - 08/15/2024) Online, Synchronous. MoTuWeTh 6:00PM - 7:53PM. A survey of elegiac poetry in Latin. A combined undergraduate and MA-level course.  An ideal course for students who wish to have some advanced reading in Latin over the summer.  Particularly useful for secondary Latin instructors wishing to advance or polish their Latin capabilities.

Roman Civilization (CLA 203) (07/15- 08/15/2024) In-person MoTuWeTh 12:00PM - 1:53PM. An survey of ancient Roman culture: art and literature, law, architecture, engineering, economics, popular culture, leisure activities. An ideakl course for students wishing to advance in some classical studies major or to fulfil some general education requirement/

This schedule is tentative and subject to change. Please direct any questions to Lawrence Kowerski ([email protected].edu), the undergraduate and MA program adviser.

General information on the summer session at Hunter can be found at Matriculating and non-matriculating students are welcome to register for courses.  Non-matriculating students will have to apply to Hunter college to become “Non-degree students” using a basic application.  Information on becoming a non-degree student at Hunter can be found at


Lawrence Kowerski
[email protected].edu

Classics Program
Hunter College
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New York, NY 10065