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List of schools offering: Classical Civilization

University of Pennsylvania

Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
Greek and Roman Mythology (online)
Reading the Iliad (online)
Intensive Elementary Latin (online) [= first-year Latin, 2 course units]
Intensive Intermediate Latin (online) [= second-year Latin, 2 course units]
Intensive Elementary Classical Greek [= first-year Greek, 2 course-units]
Intensive Intermediate Classical Greek [= second-year Greek, 2 course-units]
Religion and the Polis

Penn's six-week summer program offers intensive first-year and second-year courses in Latin and Greek, together with introductory courses in ancient history, mythology, and ancient literature. Several courses are entirely online and do not require presence in Philadelphia; others are conducted on Penn's urban campus and include access to excellent library, museum, and cultural resources.



Prof. James Ker:


University of Notre Dame

Antigone Through the Ages
Beginning Latin I and II
Intermediate Latin
Medieval Latin
Beginning Greek I and II
Patristic and Byzantine Greek

Notre Dame's summer language courses are for motivated undergraduates and graduate students. Our courses give students the opportunity to study the ancient languages necessary to understanding Greek and Roman, Judaic, Early Christian, Medieval and Byzantine civilizations. Students may study a language while taking additional courses in history or theology.

Our campus is comfortable and serene during the summer. On-campus housing and food service are convenient, readily available, and comparatively inexpensive. In addition, Notre Dame’s Library has special strengths in Biblical Studies, Early Christian Literature, Medieval Studies, and Byzantine Studies.


Catherine Schlegel

Summer Session

Hunter College

Beginning Intensive Latin - 6 cr.
Greek and Latin Roots of English - 3 cr.
The Domus in Latin Literature - 3 cr.
Greek Civilization - 3 cr.
Classical Mythology - 3 cr.
Classical Archaeology - 3 cr.

Myth, Roots, and Archaeology will be taught fully online. Beginning Intensive Latin covers the equivalent of first year college Latin. "Domus" is our combined upper level undergrad / MA level Latin class.

Contact Ronnie Ancona, Classics Division Head, for further details about Hunter College application deadlines, course registration, and calendar for specific classes.


Ronnie Ancona

University of Virginia

Intensive Beginning Latin offered in the Summer Language Institute: The program covers the equivalent of four semesters of college-level courses, and is designed either for students with no prior knowledge of Latin or those who wish to gain a more solid grounding in the fundamentals of the language.

Greek Mythology: Introduces major themes of Greek mythological thought; surveys myths about the olympic pantheon and the legends of the heroes. For more details on this class, please visit the department website at

Teaching Latin: Instruction in Latin Pedagogy


Kevin Scahill

Sara Myers

Calvin College

Classical Art & Architecture

High school juniors: Study Classical Art and Architecture in Italy with Calvin College and Professor David Noe.

June 20-July 14, 2017

Earn college credit as you explore the Greek basis for Roman art and architecture and examine some of the history of Italy through the medieval period and the Renaissance.


Katrina De Man

Calvin College
3201 Burton St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49546