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Calder Classics

Reading Latin
Introduction to Latin
Intermediate Latin
Introduction to Ancient Greek
Creative Writing

For summer 2021 Calder Classics has added a full suite of online courses. Programs are offered to high school students seeking to improve their Latin, Ancient Greek, and/or Classics-inspired creative writing. Through an interdisciplinary approach including art, architecture, history, and mythology our students deepen their understanding of ancient and modern literature and culture, and develop a lifelong appreciation of the Classics. Our approach to teaching includes an investigation into how and why the Classics have endured and woven themselves so deeply into our modern lives. We explore the original stories from multiple angles, along with later adaptations and interpretations, some direct and others divergent. During the last 10 years students have joined us from over 125 public and private high schools in North America, South America and Asia and have gone on to attend 65 top colleges and universities. We expect to return to Italy in the spring and summer of 2022.


Cindy Calder


126 State Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Polis, The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities

Latin All Levels Online
Ancient Greek All Levels Online
Semitic Languages All Levels Online
Semitic Languages Polis Jerusalem Campus
Latin Beginners Christendom Campus Virginia
Ancient Greek Christendom Campus Virginia

3-4 Week intensive language courses for advancement in one level with Certificate of Completion from the Polis Institute.  Courses offered at Christendom College begin June 21 (Latin) and June 22 (Ancient Greek).  All other courses begin July 5th.  Early registration discount available; Christendom College Courses by May 1, all other courses by June 23rd.



+972 (0) 74 7011048

The Polis Institute, 8 HaAyin Het St,
Jerusalem, 9511208

Dan Slușanschi School for Classical and Oriental Languages

Latin: Beginners (Language Course)
Latin: Lower Intermediate (Language Course)
Latin: Upper Intermediate (Language Course)
Greek: Beginners (Language Course)
Greek: Lower Intermediate (Language Course)
Greek: Intermediate (Language Course)
Greek: Upper Intermediate (Language Course)
Greek: Advanced (Language Course)
Coptic: Beginners (Language Course)
Other Languages: Biblical Hebrew & Old Slavonic (Two separate Intermediate Courses)

The Dan Slușanschi Language School for Classical & Oriental Languages is offering online language courses for Latin, Ancient Greek, Coptic, Biblical Hebrew and Old Slavonic.  Our courses run in the months of June and July between two weeks to a month, five days a week, for a total of 40 classroom hours.  Latin Beginners and Lower Intermediate courses will be instructed through Latin, while Latin Upper Intermediate, Ancient Greek (five levels from Beginners to Advanced), Coptic, Biblical Hebrew and Old Slavonic are all instructed through the English language.  Each course has clearly stated objectives for its students and is structured to assist students to prepare for the next proficiency level.  For more information on the specifics of each course, visit our website.


Mr. Dan Koski

+40 26 922 3522

Institute for Ecumenical Research
Str. Mitropoliei 30
550179 Sibiu

University College London

Greek for Beginners
Intermediate Greek
Advanced Greek
Homer in Translation
Linear B
Latin Palaeography and Homer
Greek Religion and Homer
Homer in the Middle Ages
Philosophy and Homer
Homeric Meditations and Yoga

Summer School in Homer 2019, UCL
Monday 22nd July to Friday 26th July 2019

The Summer School offers five days of intensive teaching of Homeric language and literature. There will be four language classes each day as well as lectures, between 10.30 and 16.30. The course is not residential.

Teaching will be generally in groups of 15-20 people which, as far as possible, comprise students of roughly the same level of experience (beginners, intermediate or advanced). The style of teaching is friendly, but demanding: a lot of work is expected from students during the School, but they should find the whole experience both stimulating and valuable. Some classes concentrate chiefly on reading texts, while others offer a mixture of grammar and translation practice. Our tutors include some of the most experienced and talented teachers of Classics in the London area and beyond.


Pontifical University of the Holy Cross - Rome

Living Latin
Living Ancient Greek
Living Biblical Hebrew
Methodological seminar for teachers

The courses are given at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross (Rome), in collaboration with the Polis Institute of Languages and Humanities (Jerusalem). The courses are taught following the Polis method. According to that method, Koine Greek is taught in Koine Greek, Latin in Latin and Biblical Hebrew in Biblical Hebrew, as living languages.

The first lessons are based upon the TPR (Total Physical Response) method, which allows the student to be actively involved in the class. Besides, through the TPR Storytelling technique the student assimilates the vocabulary in a natural way and starts speaking the ancient language right from the very beginning. Polis is so far the only institute in the world where one can learn these three languages (Latin, Ancient Greek and Biblical Hebrew) as living ones.

A methodological seminar is offered to ancient language professors who want to learn teaching by the Polis method.


Department of Languages PUSC
+39 06 681641