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This site exists to provide students with information about classics courses being offered during the summer months. Institutions wishing to add information about their programs should submit it via the form accessible from the sidebar. Old information is not removed from the site until it is updated, so check the date headers to see how current listings are. (This site was created under the auspices of the Classical Studies Department of Wesleyan University, with help from the J.M.W. Keck Foundation, by Jim O'Hara and Debra Hamel. It is designed and maintained by Debra Hamel.)

The most recent entries are listed below. See the dropdown menus in the sidebar to navigate by school name or subjects offered.

University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame Classical, Medieval and Near Eastern Institute offers a variety of summer courses for motivated undergraduates and graduate students. Courses range from 3-8 weeks, covering one to two semesters of material, and may be taken concurrently with courses in history or theology. Whether learning Syriac, Greek (Classical or Byzantine) or Latin (Classical or Medieval) for the first time or solidifying their command of grammar and syntax, students will emerge with a stronger grasp of the languages necessary to understanding Greek and Roman, Judaic, Early Christian, Medieval and Byzantine civilizations.

Summer 2020 offerings include:

Beginning Syriac
Beginning Greek I and II
Patristic and Byzantine Greek
Beginning Latin I and II
Intermediate Latin
Medieval Latin
Latin Diplomatics

Tuition for the program is $1,185 per credit hour for undergraduates and $930 per credit hour for graduate students. Financial aid may be available. Notre Dame offers convenient and inexpensive on-campus housing and food service.


For information about the courses offered, visit our website:  For information about Notre Dame's summer session, visit

University of Vermont

Intensive Greek
Intensive Latin
Upper level Greek and Latin tutorials

Intensives meet for 8-week, 4 x a week, 3 hours per day. They are run by graduate students, with supplementary visits / readings with professor(s). Cost is low—$2,000.00 for the whole course—because the course runs "unofficially", that is, not through the University itself but by direct tutorial arrangement with the Department. Credit at home institution would therefore have to come via credit-by-exam or other such arrangement. But most students do not need credit in any case: rather, they desire sufficient knowledge to enter an intermediate Greek or Latin class in the fall. Students are responsible for finding their own local housing (typically a summer sublet). Upper-level reading tutorials are also available.


 John Franklin

John Franklin
Professor and Chair
UVM Dept. of Classics
481 Main Street
Burlington VT 05405

Exedra Mediterranean Center

Ancient Greek in Siracusa
Greek for Philosophers

Study Greek in Siracusa July 27-August 14, 2020

Fonte Aretusa is teaming up with Exedra Mediterranean Center to offer a summer course in ancient Greek, with a special “Greek for Philosophers” week dedicated to Plato’s Apology. The course is for adults, including graduate students and professors, from beginning to advanced levels (placement is provided). It combines one, two, or three weeks of study in picturesque Ortigia, steps from ancient Greek temples and refreshing beaches, with a variety of cultural activities and optional excursions. Choices range from tuition only to full packages including accommodation and activities. For details, go to or email


Susi Kimbell
+39 0931 463976

Exedra Mediterranean Center
Via S. Landolina, 5
96100 Siracusa

Hunter College

Classical Mythology (fully online) CLA 101
Greek and Latin Roots of English (in person) CLA 110
Roman Civilization (in person) CLA 203
Introduction to Classical, Near Eastern, and Egyptian Archaeology (fully online) CLA 204
Beginning Intensive Latin (in person) LAT 107 (6 credits)
upper level BA / MA Latin (in person) 300 / 700 level
topic Roman Religion

Students not already enrolled at Hunter apply as non-degree students. See Hunter's Admissions page for deadlines.


Ronnie Ancona

Calder Classics

FLORENCE: Reading Latin + Art History
ROME: Reading Latin + Ancient History
FLORENCE: Introduction to Ancient Greek + Art History
FLORENCE: Creative Writing Workshop
SPRING BREAK IN ROME: Reading Latin + Ancient History
TUSCANY: Journeys to the Underworld - Aeneid 6 and Odyssey 11

Calder Classics offers high school and college students interdisciplinary Greek and Latin language programs abroad in the spring and summer. Through an interaction with local art and architecture, all our students deepen their understanding of ancient and modern literature and culture, and develop a lifelong appreciation of the Classics. Our approach to teaching includes an investigation into how and why the Classics have endured and woven themselves so deeply into our modern lives. We explore the original stories from multiple angles, along with later adaptations and interpretations, some direct and others divergent. During the last 8 years students have joined us from over 95 public and private high schools in North America, South America and Asia and have gone on to attend 57 top colleges and universities. Our 2020 calendar includes the repeat of two highly successful new programs from 2019: SPRING BREAK in Rome, and a new upper level course for Greek and Lat!

In students in TUSCANY. We also offer the following annual Summer Programs: Advanced Reading Latin courses in Florence and Rome as well as a Classics-inspired Creative Writing Workshop and Introduction to Ancient Greek in Florence.


Cindy Calder


126 State Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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