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This site exists to provide students with information about classics courses being offered during the summer months. Institutions wishing to add information about their programs should submit it via the form accessible from the sidebar. Old information is not removed from the site until it is updated, so check the date headers to see how current listings are. (This site was created under the auspices of the Classical Studies Department of Wesleyan University, with help from the J.M.W. Keck Foundation, by Jim O'Hara and Debra Hamel. It is designed and maintained by Debra Hamel.)

The most recent entries are listed below. See the dropdown menus in the sidebar to navigate by school name or subjects offered.

University of Notre Dame

Beginning Latin I
Beginning Latin II
Intermediate Latin
Latin Texts in History: Textual Transmission, Textual Criticism and Editing
Ovid's Medieval Metamorphoses
Beginning Greek I
Beginning Greek II
Patristic and Byzantine Greek
Introduction to Old Armenian
Introduction to Coptic

Notre Dame's summer language courses are for motivated undergraduates and graduate students. Our courses give students the opportunity to study the ancient languages necessary to understanding Greek and Roman, Judaic, Early Christian, Medieval and Byzantine civilizations. Students may study a language while taking additional courses in history or theology.

Our campus is comfortable and serene during the summer. On-campus housing and food service are convenient, readily available, and comparatively inexpensive. In addition, Notre Dame’s Library has special strengths in Biblical Studies, Early Christian Literature, Medieval Studies, and Byzantine Studies.

For additional information, visit the Summer Session website:


Luca Grillo


Sherry Reichold, Administrative Asst.
Department of Classics
249 O'Shaughnessy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

University of Maryland

CLAS170: Classical Mythology
CLAS308p: The Classics in Context
CLAS320: Women in Antiquity


Eric Adler

Department of Classics
University of Maryland
1210 Marie Mount Hall
College Park, MD 20742

Calder Classics

Reading Latin
Introduction to Latin
Intermediate Latin
Introduction to Ancient Greek
Creative Writing

For summer 2021 Calder Classics has added a full suite of online courses. Programs are offered to high school students seeking to improve their Latin, Ancient Greek, and/or Classics-inspired creative writing. Through an interdisciplinary approach including art, architecture, history, and mythology our students deepen their understanding of ancient and modern literature and culture, and develop a lifelong appreciation of the Classics. Our approach to teaching includes an investigation into how and why the Classics have endured and woven themselves so deeply into our modern lives. We explore the original stories from multiple angles, along with later adaptations and interpretations, some direct and others divergent. During the last 10 years students have joined us from over 125 public and private high schools in North America, South America and Asia and have gone on to attend 65 top colleges and universities. We expect to return to Italy in the spring and summer of 2022.


Cindy Calder


126 State Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Polis, The Jerusalem Institute of Languages and Humanities

Latin All Levels Online
Ancient Greek All Levels Online
Semitic Languages All Levels Online
Semitic Languages Polis Jerusalem Campus
Latin Beginners Christendom Campus Virginia
Ancient Greek Christendom Campus Virginia

3-4 Week intensive language courses for advancement in one level with Certificate of Completion from the Polis Institute.  Courses offered at Christendom College begin June 21 (Latin) and June 22 (Ancient Greek).  All other courses begin July 5th.  Early registration discount available; Christendom College Courses by May 1, all other courses by June 23rd.



+972 (0) 74 7011048

The Polis Institute, 8 HaAyin Het St,
Jerusalem, 9511208

Hunter College

LAT 107, Elementary Latin, Instensive
LAT 320.06 Roman Slavery
LAT 710.07 Roman Slavery

The Classics Program at Hunter College, CUNY, in New York City, offers three options for Latin study in the summer of 2021:

1) An intensive, Elementary Latin course (2 semester of Latin in one term); Professor Aaron Poochigian; 5/27 - 8/16/2021; Online; Asynchronous
2) An upper-level Latin course on Roman slavery at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. The course will consider Roman slavery through a variety of texts and material evidence. This course is a combined upper-level undergraduate course (LAT 320) and a graduate course (LAT 710); For the undergraduate level, intermediate level Latin is a prerequisite. Professor Timothy Hanford; 07/13 - 08/16/2021; MTWTh 6:00PM - 7:53PM.


CLA 110 - Greek and Latin Roots of English
CLA 201 - Greek Civilization
CLA 203 - Roman Civilization
CLARC 204 - Introduction to Classical, Near Eastern, and Egyptian Archaeology

The college is offering four options for Classical Studies the summer of 2021:

1) Greek and Latin Roots of English 07/13-08/16/21; Professor John Young; MTWTh 10-11:53AM
2) Greek Civilization 05/27-07/12/21; Professor Noah Davies-Mason; MTWTh 9:50-11:24AM
3) Roman Civilization 07/13-08/16/21; Professor Louise Michaud; MTWTh 12-1:53PM
4) Introduction to Classical, Near Eastern, and Egyptian Archaeology; 05/27-07/21/21; Professor Marina Thomatos; Asynchronous

Courses at Hunter College remain virtual in Summer 2021. This means that students with the appropriate qualifications can attend from anywhere. For non-Hunter students, admission to Hunter as a non-degree student is required. The admission deadline, although set as 4/15, is flexible. Information about admission (a simple process) can be found:


Lawrence Kowerski

Classics Program
Hunter College
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10065